White House Calls for Dev Feedback to Improve We The People Petition Platform

The White House's Office of Digital Strategy has solicited the feedback of designers and developers around the US to help improve its We The People petition platform. The government launched the petition project in 2011. Since its inception, We The People has facilitated over 22 million petition signatures. Now, the White House wants to improve the platform further.

The White House set up a GitHub page where developers, designers, and anyone else can offer feedback to enhance the project. The government encourages feedback across the board. From logo and layout, to API endpoints and methods; the government believes the best way to propel the project further is to gather as much public feedback as possible.

We The People has proven itself useful to both individual citizens and the White House alike. The White House has responded to over 200 petitions generated by the platform and the public has enjoyed government action as a result of certain petitions (e.g. Leelah's Law, cell phone unlocking, etc.). The ball is now rolling, but continued expansion requires a user friendly platform that adequately reaches citizens. Accordingly, the platform must appeal to developers who integrate the We The People API with third party apps, and the end users who create and sign petitions on the platform. To learn more, visit the White House blog post or provide feedback at GitHub

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