Whitepages Pro Introduces Transaction Risk API

Whitepages Pro has introduced its Transaction Risk APITrack this API. The API helps users fight payment fraud and conduct more efficient authorizations. It uses predictive identity data that leverage models and internal company data for an additional security layer. The offering is a natural complement to the company's digital identity verification product portfolio.

"To prevent fraud and identify good customers early in the transaction flow, businesses have historically relied on their internal data and signals,” Ajay Andrews, Whitepages Pro Senior Director of Product Management, commented in a press release. “But as they move more commerce and services online, these businesses face both an order of magnitude increase in transactions and a compressed time window to make decisions. Transaction Risk API addresses these needs by leveraging technical innovation and Machine Learning to deliver a suite of our most predictive attributes.”

The Transaction Risk API is built with high volume business in mind. In less than 100 milliseconds, the product identifies the applicable data elements (email, IP, phone, address, and name) and returns a score. API access to this functionality allows programmatic processing at scale so that previously undetected fraud is identified and false declines are minimized.

Key features to the API include a transaction risk score, high predictability, low latency, easy Integration, scalability, and global coverage. The risk score is determined in real-time and based on predictive models that pull from Whitepages Pro Identity Network data. To learn more, check out the API site.

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