WHOISXMLAPI Launches IP Geolocation API and IP Geolocation Database

WHOIS APITrack this API, Inc., a domain research and cybersecurity solution provider, announces the launch of IP Geolocation API and IP Geolocation Database. Designed as complementary services, the tools enable users to identify the location of website visitors’ IP addresses down to the latitude and longitude, time zone, country, city, and ZIP code.

As the company points out, the IP Geolocation Database contains precise and comprehensive information and is updated weekly. The IP Geolocation API, on the other hand, allows a user to find the geolocation of an IP address when making a query from the database.

“By continuously tracking what is going on on the Internet using multiple sources, we have gathered the most precise and relevant IP data available,” Jonathan Zhang, WHOIS API CEO, explains. 

“The IP Geolocation API and Database let our customers know their visitors before they even register, so they can apply any necessary restrictions to sensitive content or enhance their ad targeting,” he added.

The company claims both geolocation services were conceived to facilitate geotargeting which is increasingly becoming a key tool for online marketing, making it easy for advertisers to target customers depending on the country, region, or even city.

By using the IP Geolocation Database and the corresponding API, users gain insights into their market’s essential demographics and discover new opportunities and emerging trends. 

For instance, the company explains that possessing reliable and accurate IP geolocation data enables business owners to create highly-relevant messages and strategies that are tailor-made to potential customers. These can take the form of region-specific landing pages, personalized marketing communication, and optimized pricing. 

Companies can also put out attractive offers to people in a certain location based on Web server data, or let buyers choose the store nearest to them for convenient pickup.

Another area where geolocation is important is in intellectual property management. Jonathan says that with the information, businesses will be able to more effectively manage and restrict their audience from using specific content depending on their location. This will give companies better protection when it comes to digital content distribution and streaming while also helping comply with licensing and regulations.

The company stresses that the information obtained from IP geolocation can be used for analytics to help organizations figure out where and when their content is being accessed. 

Additionally, IP Geolocation API and IP Geolocation Database are important in overall online security. Geolocation data, the company believes, strengthens the security of infrastructure against cyber attacks. 

The ability to check out the origins of a website, for example, is known to help identify malicious actors and can be useful for blocking visitors from dubious locations or those trying to access a site anonymously. Being able to compare the locations of visitors with available customer information can also prevent online fraud and identity theft.

The database is downloadable in CSV and JSON formats with the geolocation feeds coming in blocks with detailed information. It is said to cover 8,243,431 IP blocks and locations, 99.05% of all IP addresses, and 250 countries. The API also comes in different programming languages which include PHP, JavaScript, and Python.

The company says creating a query is easy, and the result will contain country, time zone, city, etc. The output from IP Geolocation API and IP Geolocation Database is expected to come from the numerous available sources which the company says it updates every week. The products enfold IPv4 and IPv6 addresses which are estimated to emanate from more than 340,000 locations in 120,000+ towns and cities around the world. 

“We do our best to widen the scope of our IP Geolocation Database and boost its accuracy so as to offer data as precise and structured as possible. Consequently, our IP Geolocation API is easy to integrate into anyone’s Platform,” Jonathan mentions.

The IP Geolocation API and IP Geolocation Database are being made available through outright purchase or by either monthly or yearly subscription. The price for accessing them would depend on the number of queries which will have limits per minute. Users can also choose to purchase from 5 API tiers, each of which is classified as a bundled option

Signing up automatically entitles users to get a free subscription plan limited to 1,000 queries per month.

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