WHOISXMLAPI Launches Updated Domain Availability API

WHOIS API, Inc., a domain information solution provider, announces the launch of its updated Domain Availability API. It replaces the first-generation Domain Availability API which offered a domain availability checker on the market. The API works for thousands of TLDs, both gTLDs and ccTLDs. It covers a wide range of domains when making queries and is expected to help users avoid missing out on any possible matches.

The company claims the latest update will provide a faster and more accurate tool for finding out if a domain name is available for registration.

“The information from the updated Domain Availability API is crucial when setting up a website since having a domain name similar to yours could drive business away from your site,” Jonathan Zhang, WHOIS API CEO, explains. “If the said domain name is or had been associated with malicious activities, it could spell trouble,” he added.

Domain Availability API was first launched to allow individual and corporate users to check the availability of a domain name, a practice generally regarded as the first step in establishing a website. API users say doing an early check is important to avoid wasted efforts in developing a site only to find out later that the desired domain name had already been taken. 

The updated Domain Availability API has been designed for different use cases related to domain name monitoring. Registrars and domainers can use the tool to find out if domains are available. They can then apply the resulting information as a reference when advising registrants or assessing applications. 

The API is also expected to be useful for SEO optimization. Domainers, registrars, and domain owners can check the availability of recently-expired domains which still figure prominently in search rankings.

Company representatives tell that each query made on the updated Domain Availability API receives an output response that indicates whether the target domain name is available or unavailable. Query responses, with both parsed fields and raw texts, are delivered in either XML or JSON format based on user requests which are made via GET/POST.

When requesting domain name availability, input parameters can either be required or optional. When input parameters are required, a user needs a personal API Key before reviewing a target domain name.

Output codes are available in C#, Java, JavaScript, NodeJS, Perl, PHP, Power Shell, Python, and Ruby programming languages.

The company clarifies that users need to sign up for a developer’s account with WhoisXMLAPI.com to start making queries. They can register for a free developer account which will entitle them to have the first 100 domain name availability lookups free of charge. Authentication is required every time the API is to be used.

The Domain Availability API is made available for one-time purchase or through monthly or yearly subscription. Price depends on the number of queries, which is measured with per-minute rate limits. The pricing structure gives predictability to business planning and solution architecture. A user can purchase any of five Domain Availability API tiers. These tiers are structured as bundled options which provide users with comprehensive investigation pathways.

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