Wholesaler Continental Clothing's API: EarthPositive Clothes to Make an Impression

The Continental Clothing API handles HTTP and SOAP calls returning XML or JSON, according to its documentation. It allows its retailers to import the catalog line onto their sites. Continental designs and manufactures eco friendly largely organic clothes, including blank hoodies, Tees, and other garments. These are then sold to retailers who add their own silk screen designs. Among its most interesting customers is HeavyEco, that uses prison labor (and pays for it) to put tattoo impressions on shirts in Eastern Europe, and who donates 50% of profits to NGOs helping orphanages and homeless children. Other customers include the music touring business, and fashion companies looking to create a global presence.

Continental also offers bespoke manufacturing--that British term for custom clothes made to order.

Continental is based in London and Germany, but has expanded to open show rooms in Tokyo and Turin. Its social responsibility practices encompass fair trade on cotton, ethical manufacturing and justice, living wages, and several other issues related to clothing production. In 2011, Continental Clothing Company’s EarthPositive Apparel won Best Initiative by a Small or Medium-Sized Business at the Climate Week Awards.

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