Why Developers Should Pivot to the Industrial Internet

It’s only natural that developers have been focused on the consumer space: apps that transform the way we communicate, get around town, and shop. After all, we’re all consumers, right? But the Industrial Internet is magnitudes larger than the Consumer Internet and ripe with opportunity for developers.

Software is becoming just as much a part of industrial businesses as hardware. In September 2015, industrial giant GE announced that it intends to become a top 10 software company by 2020. To support that initiative, GE has invested $1B in its Industrial Internet initiative spearheaded in San Ramon, California. It is also building the Predix cloud platform to make it easier for developers to code for industrial companies. The game changer for developers who don’t yet have experience coding for industry is that they will have a way to join the Industrial Internet and claim their part of the $15T opportunity estimated to be added to the global economy by 2030.

To help developers start thinking about making that shift, GE Digital has introduced a brand new podcast: Pivot.

Pivot is a semi-fictional podcast about very real opportunity. The podcast series brings to life the Industrial Internet and its power to change businesses and industries. The story begins in the aftermath of a fictional 7.4-magnitude earthquake in the Bay Area. In the first episode, you meet Ethan, a software developer who has built an industrial-strength app that could help thousands survive the devastation of the tremor. The story follows his journey from punching code on kiddie games to creating apps that can save lives. Along the way, he meets real-life Industrial Internet experts and technology luminaries who change the trajectory of his life forever.

Interviews with these experts also provide insights into the latest technology with episodes on drones and wearables as well as tips for starting something new from navigating co-founding to crowd-sourcing. Listeners also get an early peak at how GE Predix enables developers to work with industrial-scale data in secure, scalable ways to quickly turn ideas into apps.

Check out the first few episodes now at Pivot Podcast.

The Industrial Internet needs developers to get inspired by big, complex projects that could have a major impact on cities, industries, countries, even the planet. You might just be one of the developers to take on this challenge. Major change can start with a simple pivot.

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