Why the Uproar for API Management? Mashery, Layer 7, and 3Scale Bask in Recent Attention

The past week might go down in API history as one of the biggest developments in the ever progressing API economy. Three API management companies embraced an unprecedented spotlight in the API world. First, Intel, the king of processors, paid $180 million to acquire Mashery. Next, software giant CA Technologies, snatched up Layer 7. Finally, 3Scale announced a brand new round of funding ($4.2 million). The question must arise: why have two Fortune 1000 companies and multiple venture capitalists all of a sudden poured hundreds of millions into the API space?  The answer seems pretty obvious. Companies invest for future return; therefore, there must be a common belief that API management will pay returns in the future. Consider a few of the trends that companies across every industry both anticipate and fear (mobility, cloud computing, and the internet of things). The view that these trends will disrupt everything from sales cycles to daily life goes beyond the tech world. From GE to Chanel, it seems that everyone is coming up with a strategy to excel in the tech driven world. One must look no further than what drives these technology trends to understand investment in API management. APIs connect and enable. APIs enrich mobile experiences. APIs make cloud computing cheap and scalable. APIs allow internet connected devices to communicate. Without APIs, the three technology trends on everybody's radar would not even stir the waters. Accordingly, API management becomes critical to excelling in the modern marketplace. Effective API management will be for the modern marketplace what the assembly line was for the industrial revolution. ProgrammableWeb has long proclaimed that APIs lie at the root of Web 2.0 and will provide the foundation for the next generation of computing. But don't take our word for it. Money talks, and BIG companies are now spending BIG money on API strategies. The days of homegrown databases and appliance hardened technology have come to a close. The term API will soon be a household name and a major driving force of our future.

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