Why You Should Use an API First Design Strategy

APIs have the exciting potential to reimagine old business models, but this doesn’t mean that everyone will find your API useful. Techradar recently featured an article by MuleSoft’s Founder and VP of Product Strategy Ross Mason to get some inside tips on what API design strategies help acquire a dedicated user base. 

API features should hone in on a very specialized segment, and be designed with consistency in mind. This means making the behavior of security, URL schemes, and API keys consistent across all iterations. This will do everyone involved a favor, and will increase the efficiency of implementing new platforms or features.

Scaling for future growth needs to be considered. According to Mason, the best way to avoid unusual spikes in usage that may affect User Experience is to partner with a cloud Platform hosting service, where scalability is built in. Lastly, fostering a community through promotion and gathering feedback is necessary to help the API and the business evolve to meet the needs of consumers.

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When crafting your API strategy, put design first