Why Your API Is Already Publicly Available

With SnapChat's recent internal API security breach still on the back of our minds, developers are reconsidering normal security measures for publicly available apps— the solution may be to simply open them all up. With API management and proxy solutions able to recognize a data model and easily blueprint an API in a matter of minutes, app providers need to realize that publicly available apps essentially already have public APIs.

As 3rd party developers may utilize an app's API no matter what privacy restrictions are agreed upon, Kin Lane of API Evangelist encourages providers to open up their platforms. Deploying a public API allows providers to monitor their Resource distribution by request access, overlooking a centralized and thus more secure mobile channel. According to Lane, this more modern solution might not cure every problem, but at the least it can help to rid compromising rogue applications and will establish a layer where the Platform, user, developer, and public can all meet with standards for security and privacy.

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If You Have A Publicly Available Mobile App You Have a Public API