WhyGo Announces API for Booking Video Conferences

WhyGo, a leading public video conference booking service, has released the WhyGo API to simplify booking further than it already has. WhyGo maintains over 3,000 video conferencing facilities around the globe. The API will allow third-party developers to integrate booking services to any of the 3,000+ facilities within their existing applications. James Matthews, WhyGo CEO, commented: "We are very excited to release our API to interested third party providers. This helps us grow our distribution in markets we just don't have the specialized Resource or experience in."

WhyGo is already "the world’s largest online booking system of public and private video conferencing and telepresence facilities." However, the API should expand its customer base through new partnerships. For example, Matthews described a new parternship with GVN: "We don’t have the expertise in travel management so working with a company like GVN makes good sense for us and helps them deliver best of breed solutions for travel management companies like FCMTravel, Globalstar and BCD Travel."

The API provides access to more than simple reservation features. Developers can access lists of locations, prices, availability, and booking. For 1,100 sites, users can retrieve real-time data and instant confirmations. WhyGo will continue to release more features via the API as customers request it. Those interested in additional features or access to the API should email the team at APIenquiries@whygo.net.

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