Wicket Labs Launches API Monitoring and Reporting for the Non-Engineer

Wicket Labs officially launched yesterday with the goal to fix what Wicket Labs CEO, Marty Roberts, calls the cloud's "blind spot." The company reports that the average media company relies on 14 third party APIs. When an issue arises with one of the APIs, such companies usually hear about it from the worst possible party: a consumer who has experienced a broken User Experience. Roberts founded Wicket Labs to get in front of the API problem before the consumer encounters poor performance.

Wicket Labs offers API monitoring to cloud-dependent apps, sites, and systems. The automated monitoring allows Wicket Labs to generate reports to business owners/operators in layman's terms. The hope for delivering such reports is to proactively address findings that will, in turn, reduce downtime. Common API issues can lead to outages, slow page loads, and timeout errors.

The company creates a map for every API monitored. The map is called a wicket. The wicket includes a color-coded live report and custom scorecards. Users can review the wicket on desktop and mobile devices. During the trial period, which included 12 media companies, the tool uncovered that the average API encounters one problem per week.

Wicket Labs hasn't developed the first API monitoring tool (check out ProgrammableWeb's directory to find more great examples), but the company does believe that it is the first company to deliver an API monitoring tool designed for business people. Roberts labels other monitoring tools as designed for engineers. Wicket Labs provides simple, easy to understand reports that any interested party can digest and make corresponding decisions. Learn more at the Wicket Labs product site.

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