Will the Next Awesome Music Discovery App Be Built on Seevl?

Seevl is a new kind of music discovery engine. It allows you to find how artists are similar to each other and which artists are most similar to each other, among other things. It also allows you to comment on the notes about artists within the database. This is all well and good, but better yet, it has the Seevl API, allowing developers to integrate Seevi into their own applications.

Here's how Seevl describes itself:

Seevl reinvents music discovery. We provide new ways to explore the cultural and musical universe of your favorite artists and to discover new ones by understanding how they are connected. In addition, we let you comment every piece of data about them. And if you're a developer, check the dev zone to build apps that rock using our data.

The API is RESTful and supports responses in JSON. But it's approach is slightly different than most, as the API docs state,

We rely on Content-negotiation principles to deliver alternative and machine-readable representations of this data from our webpages. In other words, this means that the website is the API and that you can get JSON or (in a near future) RDF representation for almost every page of the site.

It looks to me like Seevi could, and should, be a part of a truly amazing music discovery app. Perhaps one could make an app using Seevi and Youtube to allow finding out about and sampling cool new music, and being able to comment on what you find.

The mobile Platform is where this API will really shine. An iPhone app, or an Android app, using this to discover new music could be pretty amazing.

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