Will You Get Into College? Ask The MyChances API

It's college application time again and high school seniors are starting to wonder where they'll be admitted in the spring. There's an API that can help them, or their parents (depending who's a better coder), get more insight into their chances.

The MyChances API accepts a number of variables, from test scores and AP classes to ethnicity and parents' education. Using the values, along with its internal data on a college's admissions practices, MyChances reports back on the probability the student will be accepted (more details at our MyChances API profile).

MyChances API

This service is bound to be controversial. For one, many colleges and universities weigh more heavily qualitative information, such as essays and recommendations. However, MyChances gives a guide based on real applicants. And students searching for a school are looking for any sort of feedback they can get. In addition to probability, MyChances also returns their sample size and corresponding statistical accuracy.

Though the API references free and enterprise versions, the site does not list any charges. The terms of service reference potential fees for usage "over a certain rate, or for certain types of commercial applications." And the company appears to be reviewing developer projects, through an application that requests details, though this practice is somewhat common.

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This would be good for the tougher situations where the competition for acceptance in a school, or schools is very competitive. I can see how the political side of who gets in or not could be a little difficult to evaluate beyond the input stats though.

I have to wonder if you have the time/motivation to whip some service together like this if you really have the motivation to get into college and succeed in the first place