Win $10,000 In the Kontagent Big Data Challenge

Kontagent has stepped up to offer developers, data analysts and designers a chance at taking home $10,000 in their Big Data Challenge, which is already underway.  The goal of the contest is to take the collection of data sets at Toronto's open data Portal and make something compelling and insightful.  What better incentive than $10,000 could you get for directing your midnight hacking sessions?

After a few conversations with Kontagent earlier this year I was inspired to call them "the last great hope for math PhDs," because the work they're doing requires advanced statistics theory.  This contest is a perfect time to show off your elite mathematics skills but that's not the only way to win.  Entrants are able to win points for their submissions along several different categories of equal weighting.  Presenting the data in the form of a polished infographic could land you in the winner's circle.  In this case, a picture could be worth $10,0000.

On a personal note, I'm joining the contest as well.  I've enjoyed reading about civic data & Big Data analytics.  Now its's time to get my hands dirty.  I've picked out a few tools, but I'm not sharing the goods here!  Follow the  twitter hastag for the  #konnecttoronto for more contest information.

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