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As readers of this blog know mapping and maps mashups are hot. There will be plenty of interesting discussions, announcements and ideas on these topics and more in less than two weeks at the O'Reilly Where 2.0 Conference in San Jose on the 13-14th of June. In the spirit of fostering mashup creativity I have a free Where 2.0 Conference pass to give away to a reader of this blog. How do you get it? Reply to this post with one of two types of ideas: Mashup You'd Most Like to See, or, Mashup You'd be Most Afraid to See. Winner will be selected at random on Wednesday the 7th (yes, not much time -- so reply soon). For ideas of course you can check the list of 212 APIs or 719 mashups here. Back at MashupCamp 1 there was an initial set of MashupsWeWant ideas. Earlier this spring at Seattle Mind Camp there was mashup brainstorming, see this crazy diagram here, out of which a week later came the Alarm Clock Rhapsody mashup created by Adam Phillabaum. For the "afraid" part, take a look at the Banned Books Mashup where your Amazon wishlist became a tool of the government versus your privacy (more on that here). In addition the folks at O'Reilly have offered readers of this blog 20% off admission to the event. Use the promotional code whr06musr06.


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The mashup I'd be most afraid to see: a mashup of our telephone records with social security numbers and online identities. Maybe throw in a dash of location data and a bit of financial data for good measure.

I sure hope the NSA hasn't thought of this idea... :-O

Mashup I'd be afraid to see: flickr data combined with google maps (satellite photos?!) to display path of picture-taking. Maybe combined with google/yahoo calendar to show where you were supposed to be, but ended up at instead. (Less NSA-worthy than Jeff's but it makes me nervous.)

Mashup I dream of making: library records + netflix + personal review blog + wikipedia(?) to create personal media history with reviews and critical opinions. (OTOH, if one is nervous about being spied on, maybe it goes into the other category.)

In the category of "Mashups I'd be most afraid to see," I'd like to suggest a Yelp + Google Maps + Craigslist combination where restaurant patrons who have too much food can post it to Craigslist and reach an audience of people who would like a free meal. The resulting company,, would have the hottest IPO this side of eBay.

I like to see “Security Holes� mushup which will combine software security information from different data sources and scan web servers for potential problems.

I’m afraid to see the same “Security Holes� mashup which will disclose all information.

I would love to see mashup of maps and history (eg: chronology of US Civil War History), this would be excellent tool for school kids.

I would like to see a mashup of Google Maps + AKC Dog Breed Registrations to see what kind of dogs are living where.

I would love to see a mashup of geotagged blogs/bloggers on a map. would be nice to see the where info to the who ....


I would like to see mashup of google maps with the census data containg economic, demographic, geography, business and industry.



I'd like to see a Google Mail/Google Maps/WHOIS mashup to map senders networks to locations.

Mashup I'd like to see:

The Travel Holy Grail Mashup would harvest the spirit of Where 2.0 and some of Tim O'Reilly's very cool ideas. It would mash the following data in an easy to navigate interface:

* City information from Wikipedia

* Pictures of the city using the Flickr API

* Road Cameras from state DOTs over Google Maps

* Weather/traffic information from Yahoo Traffic

* Geolocated blog content using the upcoming technorati API and/or existing blog/map mashes.

* Develop a system to allow drivers to use cell phones and onboard navigation devices to report accidents, weather, and road condition reports to a central web location which would standardize all the data and allow interfacing with any website.

[...] And for those of you who want to go but found the price to be prohibitive, consider submitting a mash-up idea for a free pass. [...]


I want to see an application where users can left comments location based - and can post tags and comment in the real world. Anybody out there who give away a second pass to Where 2.0 for the globeblogr developer team? ;)


i would love to see a mashup for maps and some weather/traffic informations