Win Royal Treatment from the King Aviary and Queen Zazzle

Aviary & Zazzle want you to make some money, they really do.  They’ve teamed up to form one awesome combo, like peanut butter and jelly.  Scratch that.  It’s more like peanut butter and chocolate. The companies are combining on a contest for apps using the Aviary API and Zazzle API.

This contest is sweet, enticing, and has the potential to sustain a developer for some time.  How you ask?  Through royalties!

The hook on this contest is the prize “money” which is more like credits redeemable at Aviary or Zazzle, but I don’t think that’s the best part.  If you create a mashup with Aviary and Zazzle and it is good enough to win the contest, then you have the potential to make some coin!  That’s all due to Zazzle’s royalty fee scheme.  For each user that creates a delightful entertaining image (using Aviary’s Effects API) and then buys a product that incorporates that image (using Zazzle’s API) you get at least 15% of the sale!  How about that!  The real prize of this contest could just be, if you’re keen enough to pull it off, a profitable web-project.  You don’t even have to win in order to get a chance at that revenue stream.

If this sounds like the contest for you, head on over the Aviary blog for more information.  You'll need to complete your app by July 26th.