Windows App Studio Now Includes REST API Data Source

Microsoft just released the June update to its app maker, Windows App Studio. The announcement was the first update since February (a lengthy time for a Microsoft update) and the cornerstone of the update is the REST API Data Source. The feature allows users to integrate apps with third party APIs.

"Much like the current RSS Data Source, this feature is open ended, meaning you can connect it to almost any open REST API service available on the internet," the Windows App Studio team suggested in a blog announcement. "REST APIs are the backbone of how data gets passed around the Web....There are REST APIs available for almost any type of data and almost every major service has an API for developers."

API support long stood as one of the most requested features from Windows App Studio users. Microsoft was happy to meet the ongoing request, and suggested that the move indicates Microsoft's future intentions for Windows App Studio to serve as a universal tool to build apps that utilize data and services of any provider. The first version of the REST API Data Source supports GET commands only. While write functionality is not yet available, the new data source does support headers.

Because the REST API Data Source is more complex than other Windows Apps Studio data sources, Microsoft has posted instructions for how to use the data source. The tutorial demonstrates how to pull data from Wordpress. The demo shows a user how to add the data source, set the root, select an ID, map the response, define pagination, and define order. Check out the instructions to get the creative juices flowing.

The June release includes a number of new features beyond the new REST API Data Source. Additional enhancements include the ability to declare capabilities, tool improvements (e.g. simulator, ordering & paging, dark & light themes, etc.), generated app improvements (e.g. shell control, new detail pages, about page, performance improvements, etc.), open source Library and control advances, and more. The Windows App Studio team encourages feedback through the forum and contributions to the Windows App Studio libraries at GitHub

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