Windows Live Local APIs

The big mapping story yesterday was the release of Microsoft's Windows Live Local with its amazing bird's eye imagery. Somewhat hidden in the flurry of press coverage and blogging was the release of an upgrade to the Virtual Earth API (that brand lives on but now appears as a "Powered by Virtual Earth" subtitle). As Microsoft technical evangelist Alex Daley notes:

"Along with Windows Live Local we are releasing the next version of the Virtual Earth Standard Control, v2. For non-commercial use, the updated control includes numerous bug fixes as well as simpler control initialization, automatic handling of resize events, improved navigation components now directly included in the map control, and many more improvements. "

You can access the new 45 degree imagery through the API. The "commercial version" of the control will be available in a couple of weeks along with "updated terms of use to better accommodate commercial use scenarios based on feedback from our customers." The new code is available at and will be hosted alongside the earlier version. Updated SDK and documentation are not yet available.

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