Windy API v2.3 and 3.0 Retiring. Migrate to 4.0

Windy, a weather forecasting service, announced that the Windy API v2.3 and v3.0 will be discontinued. v2.3 will be discontinued November 30, 2018. v3.0 will be discontinued on October 31, 2018, but Windy has already stopped supporting v3.0. Accordingly, if something goes wrong with v3.0 (e.g. bugs, broken links, etc.), Windy won't repair it, and v2.3 could be discontinued before the anticipated date.

The company was clear about its reasons, intentions, and what developers should do in a blog post announcement:

"[I]f something gets broken in API v3.0, we will not be repairing API v3 any more. So migrate, migrate, migrate. Windy is a small company and we are unable to maintain three different versions of API."

Accordingly, Windy has officially moved to v.4.0. The API is a JavaScript API based on Leaflet and the technology currently powering The API uses Leaflet 0.7.7. For tutorials and more information, check out the API docs.

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