Winning News Mashups

As noted yesterday, winning mashups have been announced for contests from both Rhapsody and our sponsor ClearForest. As with Rhapsody, the ClearForest team had good success in getting a very creative range of entries. Because the ClearForest API provides semantic textual analysis many of the mashups do interesting things by processing current news data.

News Tracker

Hype List

Newsmakers of the Day

  • Optevi News Tracker: First place winner. News Tracker allows for a new form of news reading -- entity based navigation. It uses the ClearForest API to facilitate navigation by person, place, organization, company and other key elements. News Tracker's entity cloud gives an overview of the news and allows you to quickly drill down to items of interest.
  • Hype List: Second place winner. An elegant interface combined with a simple focus on one thing. Who is hot today. Hype-list finds the people within entertainment, business and sports news and presents the hot names in an appealing and functionally simple interface.
  • Newsmakers of the Day: Third place winner. Mashup of ClearForest and Google Calendar. It places an unobtrusive icon at the top of each day. Click icon for snapshot of people, companies, products and locations in the news. You can drill down to the original news article.

Other honorable mentions included:

  • Six Degrees: Find the connection or six-degrees of separation between topics. Mashes RSS feeds with the ClearForest API. Offers REST and SOAP interfaces so you can build on top of it. All connections exposed through RDF.
  • PowerRSS: Power RSS is an RSS aggregator, which enables you to classify content in the article. The Power RSS will skim through the article and pick out the relevant articles, by analysing your interest categories.
  • Semantic Searcher: Speed reading for news. This site takes popular news feeds and extracts key terms. They are listed in order of popularity within the last 24 hours. The system uses Clear Forest SWS Web Service with related images via the Flickr API.

You can see all the ClearForest mashups here.

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