Wise.io API Puts Machine Learning Functionality at Developers' Fingertips

For business, the power of Machine Learning is a game-changing tool in the understanding of customer behavior. The ability to find patterns and trends buried deep in complicated data makes creating a more optimized customer experience an exciting reality. Wise.io leverages the power of machine learning in its applications, providing users with the ability to do just that. The Wise.io API gives developers access to this functionality.

Wise applications can be beneficial in the following instances:

  • Acquisition Based on the accurate data gathered, marketing teams are able to see which campaigns are likely to drive the highest conversion rates and tailor these campaigns for better results.
  • Retention Using historical data, the system can predict which customers are likely to cancel, giving users an opportunity to take action to keep their business.
  • Monetization Using a company's unique data, the system is able to recognize patterns of fraud that may be affecting business, allowing the company to take immediate action and save money.
  • Support Users are able to prioritize and route tickets based on content, allowing agents to respond quickly to inbound support requests.

The Wise.io RESTful API allows developers to integrate handwritten digit recognition, political party affiliation recognition, activity recognition and spam filtration with sensor data. Further information is available on the website.

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