Wise.io Leverages RESTful APIs to Deliver Machine Learning Applications

One of the more intriguing aspects of RESTful APIs is that they make all kinds of computing platforms more accessible to developers than previously thought possible. Case in point is the Machine Learning Platform (based on a math engine) that is being developed by Wise.io.

Fresh off raising another $2.5 million in funding, Wise.io CEO Jeff Erhardt says Wise.io created a math engine using algorithms that are optimized for machine learning applications. The company intends to build those applications on behalf of customers, who will both access them and receive back results from queries launched against those applications via RESTful APIs.

Erhardt says the applications that Wise.io plans to develop will run on Amazon Web Services (AWS); thereby eliminating the need to invest in dedicated IT infrastructure. When it comes to developing machine learning applications Erhardt says the rise of The Internet of Things (IoT) has set off something of an algorithms arms race. Companies of all sizes are racing to develop and acquire algorithms of all types that they hope to be able to apply to a business application.

But rather than building applications that are intended to be used by data scientists, Erhardt says the goal is to build Big Data analytics applications that are accessible to the average business user. The cloud-based software development toolkit that Wise.io has created for building those applications means that there is now a way to invoke a machine learning application much like any other business intelligence application, says Erhardt. Conversely, that Wise.io machine learning application might just as easily be accessed via another software-as-a-service (SaaS) application using the company’s open APIs, says Erhardt. To accomplish that Wise.io has also developed a workflow application that moves data in and out of a Wise.io machine learning environment.

Erhardt says that down the road Wise.io will give some of its more advanced customers access to that toolkit. But for now Wise.io plans to build machine learning applications as a service that will get deployed by Wise.io.

Advances in the area of machine learning have been coming at a fairly rapid rate as of late. Much of that innovation is being fueled by the desire to create data-driven applications that businesses intend to rely on in place of the intuition of business executives. But perhaps just as significantly to developers, it’s now also becoming clearer that many of those advances are soon going to be a simple API call away.

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