Wishpond Opens Marketing Platform API

Wishpond, a marketing platform provider, has announced the Wishpond API. The API gives marketers the ability to conduct enterprise-grade, data-driven marketing at a price point accessible to companies of all sizes. Users can generate leads, track activity, automate emails, create messages and much more.

"The public API makes Wishpond a true marketing platform: a conduit between different customer data sources that can trigger actions based on the activities and personal information that companies know about their customers," Wishpond CEO Ali Tajsekandar said in a press release

At a high level, the API offers two integration opportunities. First, developers can integrate third-party apps with Wishpond. As an example, Wishpond describes a weather app that integrates Wishpond to personalize an e-commerce option based on the weather in a certain area (e.g., marketing winter boots when the weather is cold). Second, the API can synchronize data between Wishpond and customer databases. As an example, Wishpond describes a sporting goods company that cross-sells customers new items based on previous purchases (e.g., marketing snowboard boots to customers who have purchased snowboards in the past).

Wishpond developed both a JavaScript API and an HTTP API. The Tracking API enables the ability to track users and activities. The API automatically starts tracking users and is saved on their browsers to track activity across websites. Further, Wishpond offers Leads and Lists endpoints. For more details, visit the API guide.

As Tajsekandar mentioned, the Wishpond API transforms the company into a "marketing platform." While the API marks a significant move in the company's maturation, Tajsekandar indicated that it's just the first step in a number of features to come. Expect a slew of new features to accompany the API in the coming months. For access to the API, first sign up for a Wishpond account

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