WooTrader Adds Trading Capabilities to Stock Analytics Platform

WooTrader, provider of stock market predictive models, announced that it has partnered with Tradier to automate brokerage activity directly from the WooTrader Platform. WooTrader integrated the Tradier APITrack this API so that WooTrader subscribers may trade within the WooTrader platform with no need to contact a third-party broker. The elimination of the third party allows WooTrader users to make informed decisions and act upon those decisions without hesitation.

"Our Integration with the Tradier API arms our users with brokerage capabilities so they can make data-informed investment decisions and then immediately act on those decisions," Atanas Stoyanov, WooTrader CEO commented in a news article

WooTrader performs stock analysis on both fundamental and technical metrics on a daily basis. The aim of WooTrader is to bring the world class analysis previously limited to high end trading firms to the hands of retail and personal investors. The market changes at unprecedented rates due to increased rates of information exchange. WooTrader levels the playing field for traders across the board. The at-home investor has one more tool in his or her toolkit with the Tradier integration. Not only can the investor make timely decisions with WooTrader intelligence, the investor can act accordingly in lock-step with the decision.

WooTrader joins an ever growing list of investor tools to integrate with the Tradier API. The benefit of Tradier integration stems from WooTrader focusing on its core product (predictive analytics) without the need to manage a trading platform. From Tradier's point of view, investors are free to choose the intelligence platform of choice and maintain the consistent ability to trade through the Tradier brokerage platform.

To learn more about the partnership, visit Tradier's press page. To learn more about the Tradier API, and the growing base of integration partners, visit Tradier's developer site

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