Wordnik Launches Reverb, a New Company Offering Tools For Increasing Content Discovery and Engagement

Wordnik, a popular online dictionary and words related content platform, has just launched a brand new company called Reverb. Reverb will be the new home of the Wordnik API as well as expand on the Wordnik platform offering tools that "find and connect the rich associations between words, ideas, content, and people."


Wordnik will continue to be developed as a stand-alone, online dictionary resource, and as described in the press release, the "flagship application" of Reverb:

"Wordnik: Reverb’s flagship application, the Wordnik online dictionary will remain focused on being the friendliest and most contextually-relevant English dictionary in the world, with more than 7.5 million unique words, 240,255 comments, 187,318 tags, 121,591 pronunciations, 112,676 favorites, and 1,373,822 words in 37,322 lists created by 104,019 Wordniks."

At this time, applications that use the Wordnik API do not need to make any code changes. Attribution requirements for commercial projects and the free 15,000 API calls per hour rate have not changed and remain in effect.

In the press release, Tony Tam, CEO of Reverb states the goal and vision for the Reverb company:

"As a company, Reverb’s vision builds from Wordnik’s core competency centered on the meaning of a single word. We want to create an Internet that can associate ideas and the inter-relationships between concepts in a similar way to how the human mind naturally does. We understand that the best content experience for people is one that’s meaningful and context-driven. Reverb is focused on building products to help consumers, publishers, and app developers uncover and connect to the most important and relevant information."

The Related Content by Wordnik platform is now "Reverb for Developers" and currently offers these tools and features for developers to freely use in their web projects and applications:

  • The Wordnik API - Request word definitions, spelling suggestions, synonyms, antonyms, words of the day and other word related features.
  • Swagger - Complete framework for "describing, producing, consuming, and visualizing RESTful web services."
  • Atmosphere - Portable framework that helps makes it easier to build Asynchronous Web applications that incorporate WebSocket, Comet and RESTful behavior.
  • Scalatra - Micro web framework that allows developers to build "high-performance, asynchronous and real-time web APIs."

Visit the Reverb website to see all the tools available for developers as well as to learn more about the company.

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