Wordnik: Mashup the Dictionary, Win Money

Do you have an idea that will aid writers with their spelling, context and grammer and like the idea of a few extra dollars? Wordnik, an online dictionary service, has announced a competition to create a mashup using the Wordnik API.

Specific categories include education, games and business and productivity, but there is a "best in show" category for everything else. Wordnik are particularly looking for mashups that take advantage of eReader and Google Apps Integration, and any mobile platforms and technologies, awarding extra points for mashups that meet these requirements.

For those new to Wordnik, we did a write up on the service in November last year:

If the first dictionary was invented after the Internet was created, it might look something like Wordnik, which bills itself as “a place for all the words, and everything known about them.”Wordnik allows users to look up definitions, add new words to their online database, and provides example sentences culled from the Internet. Unlike many online dictionaries, Wordnik’s content can also be accessed through an API (see our Wordnik API profile for details).

There are several thousand dollars up for grabs, and you have until May 21 to submit your entries, with the winners announced on June 4. Additional announcements will be made on the Wordnik API Google Group page.

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