Work Hard And Stay Healthy With HealthJibe

HealthJibe is a tool designed to help users stay on top of their physical health and well-being. Part of the Allegeant suite of wellness solutions, HealthJibe was created with the intention of partnering with clients to improve the overall health of their employees; aiding them in achieving wellness goals, staying healthy, reducing health risks or managing chronic disease. The HealthJibe API is a great way for developers to integrate this services functionality.

Users sign up via participating employers and create personal accounts where they can store and monitor personal health information, thereby building their own personal health records. In addition, users can connect a variety of personal health services and devices to these accounts and accumulate 'Health Points' to earn wellness incentives from their employers.

HealthJibe also provides a number of health assessment and analysis tools:

  • HealthSurvey collects key personal health information (PHI) and stores it in the user's records. This information then feeds into the other HealthJibe health assessment tools.
  • ObesityRisk analyzes PHI stored in the user's records to estimate body mass index (BMI) and determine if their body weight is at a healthy level.
  • DiabetesRisk analyzes PHI to determine any risk for developing diabetes.
  • MetabolicRisk analyzes PHI to determine whether or not metabolic syndrome is present.

The HealthJibe API is a RESTful service that exposes functionality for Integration with other health services and devices. It returns JSON-encoded data.

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