World Bank Hackathon Encourages Youth to Participate in Governance

The World Bank, the foremost international bank dedicated to international development, will host a hackathon in Sofia, Bulgaria: <code>4Bulgaria. Scheduled for this coming weekend, June 6th and 7th, the event seeks to create a mobile app that allows citizens to send messages from cell phones that report governance irregularities directly to the appropriate government institution. The app will allows citizens to play a larger role in governance and urges government institutions to respond to citizen concerns and needs.

“Bulgaria has a vibrant IT and ICT sector, and has positioned itself amongst the best outsourcing IT destinations in the word,” Tony Thompson, World Bank Country Manager for Bulgaria, said in a press release. “Through this event, we are supporting the government’s efforts to strengthen governance and promote citizens’ participation. But the most intriguing element is mobilizing and encouraging young people through technologies to make a contribution to improving governance in the country.”

As Thompson mentioned, the event has a specific bent toward encouraging the country’s youth in national governance matters. Event sponsors include the Youth Innovation Trust Fund and leading Bulgarian IT firms and universities. Additionally, participants will be paired with experienced mentors for guidance and support. 

The event occurs at the Software University in Sofia. Winning teams will complete the app during internships with leading IT companies (e.g., BULPROS, Scale Focus, Nemecek, Setelis Labs, Robopartans, etc.). Currently, more than 50 participants have registered. To learn more, visit the <code>4Bulgaria home page.

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