World Travel and Tours API: Your Destination for Trusted Tours On a Trusted Platform

Tour operators can't find travelers who will hire them, while travelers are leery of tour operators because they don't know who to trust. And those who bundle and sell tours are caught in the middle. World Travel and Tours solves that hairball by maintaining an inventory of reputable guides, and providing an intuitive Platform that tours, tour affiliates and travelers can use. Key to this is the World Travel and Tours API, which accepts HTTP GET calls and returns data in XML. World Travel and Tours joins some 272 travel APIs in our directory.

The API documentation covers everything from form construction guidelines to searching tours, to photos and videos.

The goal is to make international travel less daunting and more secure. Step one is to have operators who want their tours listed by  World Travel and Tours services to submit to a prescreening process and comply with rigorous security policies. The idea, of course, is to  minimize personal and financial security risks for travelers. Another step is to manage the back end for affiliates: handling the credit card processing and so on. They have built an API to allow access to their real time inventory of tours so that tours can be organized for travelers ahead of arrival. Lastly, the site empowers tour affiliates to sell the database of tours to travelers, who want interesting experiences, yet need guidance to get the best.

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