WorldMate Launches Email Parsing API

WorldMate, the world's largest mobile itinerary management and booking service, launched the WorldMate API this week. The e-mail parsing API extracts travel data (e.g. confirmation e-mails, key travel information, airport codes, etc.) and sends the information back to the developer's platform. Providing such information opens WorldMate's data to a new realm of applications. WorldMate has already seen adoption from developers outside the itinerary management and booking space. Early examples include expense reporting, flight status, and compliance apps. WorldMate CEO, Jean Tripier, commented: "We are overwhelmed with the immediate popularity of the API across a wide spectrum of developers."

During the pre-release, over fifty developers licensed the WorldMate API. Notably pleased beta customers include Conducive Technologies, ExpenseCloud, and Shorts Travel Management. WorldMate's API parses e-mails from 1300 sources: including 155 airlines, 240 hotel chains, 22 car rental agencies, 620 travel agencies, 12 rail systems, TicketMaster, and Opentable.

No industry standard exists for travel e-mail confirmations; thus, airlines, hotels, and travel agencies all use their own format for e-mail confirmation. The WorldMate API parses the tens of thousands of e-mail formats and returns the formatted data in XML or a return URL. The free developer's license parses 50,000 e-mails per year. A developer's license can be obtained here.

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