Wow The World With Your Vision in the Layar Creation Challenge

Augmented Reality has made a lot of progress in the last few years. Companies have pushed the envelope to bring us experiences that we thought existed only in fiction. If AR interests you and you have the skills to implement a unique experience that brings together the physical and digital worlds, then check out the the Layar API and consider entering its contest to showcase your experience to millions of users across the world.

Leading AR Platform Layar has announced the Layar Creation Challenge that wants developers to use the new offering, Layar Vision. This new product allows creation of layers and applications that recognize real world objects and display digital experiences on top of them. The product works in a simple and effective fashion. Any physical object that you wish to create an experience around is uploaded to the Layar platform that creates a unique fingerprint in its system. Now when the Layar application encounters this physical object, it identifies it and can display the AR experience on top of it. Pretty cool. Imagine an experience like giving instant feedback or even enabling the purchase of a concert ticket.

Registration for the challenge is already open and the submissions are being accepted until September 15. The finalists will be announced on September 22 with winners being announced in the first week of October. Developers can create Layars in any of the 4 categories:

  • Magazines
  • Books
  • Self Publishing
  • Special Category : Wild Card category where anything goes.

The challenge is offering some serious prize money to go along with. The total prize money is $55,000 and top 3 winners will win $15K, $10K and $5K respectively. There are also cash prizes for 4th-10th places. The winners also stand to gain tremendous visibility for their applications since the Layar Browser has seen more than 10 million downloads.

For full details, see Layar's contest page.