WP Remote API: Easy Monitoring For Multiple Worpress Sites

WP Remote, a web application that allows users to service and manage a number of Wordpress-powered sites from one place, has provided the WP RemoteAPI that will allow third parties to integrate with the application, providing opportunity for new and innovative developments. Built as a service that would give back to the Wordpress community and enhance the Wordpress experience, WP Remote is currently free to use and developers are encouraged to use it and test it as they will.


So what can it actually do? WP Remote won't let you make editorial changes or updates to site content and settings, but it's a tool designed to give those who have multiple Wordpress sites a single place to monitor and update these sites, handling updates to installed plugins and themes remotely and providing quick access to core updates. The system also allows users to create and download a copy of a full site in zip file format. All this is achieved by providing a web interface where users can login and manage sites, and a plugin that is installed on each site.

The WP Remote API is a JSON based RESTful API that makes it possible to add, retrieve, or delete sites from the system programmatically. The API uses Basic Authentication for a user's WP Remote account, and all requests to the API end points should include the `Authorization` header. Further information and Documentation is available on the WP Remote website.

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