WSO2 and API Evangelist to Co-Present "Your API Branding Strategy" Webinar on June 13

WSO2 Vice President of Technology Evangelism Chris Haddad and API Evangelist Founder Kin Lane will co-present a webinar on June 13 about API branding and developing an API brand strategy. The announcement of the upcoming webinar coincides with the announcement of the newest release of the 100% Open Source WSO2 API Manager which was launched back in August 2012. WSO2 API Manager

Image Credit: WSO2

In a recent ProgrammableWeb blog post, writer Eric Carter wrote about the increasing investment in API management and a few of the current trends such as mobility, cloud computing and the "Internet of things". In the article Eric wrote:

"APIs connect and enable. APIs enrich mobile experiences. APIs make cloud computing cheap and scalable. APIs allow internet connected devices to communicate. Without APIs, the three technology trends on everybody's radar would not even stir the waters. Accordingly, API management becomes critical to excelling in the modern marketplace. Effective API management will be for the modern marketplace what the assembly line was for the industrial revolution."

API Management Solutions like the WSO2 API Manager make it possible for enterprises to create, publish and manage all aspects of an API. However, API branding is an important aspect of API marketing and promotion that many companies overlook.

The one-hour, interactive webinar "Your API Branding Strategy," will cover key API branding topics including:

  • Why organizations need to create an API brand.
  • The actions and presence that influence API brand success.
  • Strategies for efficiently promoting APIs through multiple branded API portals.

As described on the webinar registration page, the Developer Portal is where API branding begins:

"API branding begins with your developer portal; maintaining a consistent look and feel across your developer area, sharing relevant APIs, and promoting community. Your API portal guides API developers and consumers on how they should weave your brand into their web and mobile applications, or widgets and info graphics."

The "Your API Branding Strategy" Webinar featuring presenters Chris Haddad and Kin Lane, will be held on Thursday, June 13, 2013, 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM (PDT). To register for the webinar, visit the WSO2 Webinars site.

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