WSO2 Announces API Manager 3.0

WSO2 has announced the release of API Manager 3.0, the latest iteration of the company’s open-source API management solution. With this update, WSO2 has added a native Kubernetes Operator, which it hopes will simplify application configuration in cloud-native environments. Additionally, V3.0 includes updates to various user interfaces, a new monetization method, and a pre-defined CI/CD pipeline.

With the addition of a native Kubernetes Operator (an extension of Kubernetes that handles various operational considerations for a specific application), WSO2 hopes to decrease deployment complexity and improve developer productivity. The company has also embraced React.js, a popular UI Library, to redesign the product’s user interfaces for increased customizability. This UI update impacts both the API Manager and the company’s Developer Portal.

API monetization updates include Integration with Stripe to serve as the Platform’s default billing engine. WSO2 has also improved support for other third-party billing services. API Manager 3.0 introduces a new pre-defined CI/CD pipeline in an effort to accelerate development times and enable standardized development feedback. The API manager also receives improved support for GraphQL APIs. 

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