WSO2 API Manager, API Microgateway Add Support for AWS Lambda and gRPC

WSO2 recently announced the availability of the latest iteration of the company’s open-source API management solution. Version 3.0 of WSO2 API Manager was announced in October of last year, this week’s announcement of v3.1 is the first dot-level release to the product since that date.

With the addition of support for AWS Lambda, WSO2 is acknowledging the increasing popularity of event-driven serverless computing in enterprise application development. In version 3.1 of API Manager, developers will be able to utilize several APIs that WSO2 added to provide access to AWS Lambda functions. The announcement of v3.1 describes the way API Manager facilitates Lambda interactions:  “the invocation of AWS Lambda functions uses either stored AWS credentials or identity and access management (IAM) role-supplied temporary AWS credentials.”

Likewise, WSO2’s API Mircrogateway also moves to version 3.1. The company’s Decentralized API gateway for microservices gains support for the GRPC. gRPC is an alternative API architectural pattern to REST and GraphQL that works off the principle of remote procedure calls. Although it theoretically supports text data formats like JSON and XML, it is typically deployed using a binary data format known as Protocol Buffers.  WSO2 notes that this addition “helps users to expose managed gRPC endpoints.” 

Both Version 3.1 of API Manager and Version 3.1 of API Microgateway are available immediately. 

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