WSO2 to Present on API Branding, Optimization, and Best Practices at This Week's Conference

As most ProgrammableWeb readers know, this week the API Strategy & Practice Conference commences in San Francisco. Among the fascinating speakers and presentations will be WSO2 executive presentations on API optimization, API branding, and API best practices. WSO2 Vice President of Technology Evangelism, Chris Haddad, will present: Promoting Your API Brand and Extending Your API Reach. Later, WSO2 Vice President of Product Marketing will join the panel: API Ecosystems and Platforms.

Both executives will be speaking to WSO2’s open source API management tool: WSO2 API Manager. WSO2 believes that APIs can be used as a new monetization strategy for many businesses and at the very least streamline and empower new services and product offerings. In a blog post, Haddad is quick to point out Gartner’s top 10 technology trends for 2014. The top ten include the likes of the Internet of Everything, IT as a Service, Cloud Architecture, Software Defined Anything, and more that are all closely tied to APIs and in turn, API management.

WSO2 sits in a fantastic position to both present at this week’s conference, as well as capitalize on Gartner’s tech trends for the upcoming year. As a dominant open source middleware company, WSO2 has banked in the customers and awards categories. WSO2 leaders have a track record of succeeding at the bleeding edge of technology. They are at it again with open source API management. Check out their presentations this week.

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