Wunderlist API Release Now Official

Earlier this year, Wunderlist announced its intention to open its API for third-party app Integration. This week, the to-do list and task manager app realized its intention with the release of the Wunderlist Public API. The goal of the API is to connect Wunderlist functionality with other apps "in a seamless and smart way."

In preparation for the public launch, Wunderlist partnered with a slew of apps to both test third-party integration and demonstrate the power of such integration to potential developers and app owners. Slack, HipChat and Sunrise represent just a few of the early partners that successfully integrated with Wunderlist. The Sunrise-Wunderlist integration allows Wunderlist to-dos to automatically show up in the Sunrise calendar. In the Slack integration, comments on specific to-dos pop up in the Slack channel without manual replication. Wunderlist plans to share more information on the prelaunch partner integrations in the near future.

To build with Wunderlist, developers need to log in to a Wunderlist account at the developer site. They can create credentials for a third-party app similar to most OAuth-based apps. Developers can browse the API docs, and the company says integrating Wunderlist into the app is a breeze.

Wunderlist handpicked a few companies that made sense as early integration partners. However, Wunderlist says it is excited to see the unexpected integrations that will arise as a result of the Public API launch. Developers and users have already started posting their ideas for integrations, and we will continue to watch as Wunderlist implements and continues to grow its API strategy.

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