Wunderlist Will Open its API, Focus on Enterprise

Wunderlist, a to-do list and task manager app, has announced that it will launch its API to the general public in 2015. The API has been in private beta for some time. In a recent blog post, Wunderlist chief executive officer and co-founder, Christian Reber, announced a number of significant features and options Wunderlist will unveil this year, and touted the API as "one of the most important and exciting features we will ever launch."

“I’ve always envisioned a Wunderlist that connects to every service imaginable on the web. So I’m very excited to announce that we will be launching Integrations and our Public API,” Reber continued in the blog post.

API Integration with an app that is meant to help users organize themselves and complete tasks in a time efficient manner makes perfect sense. API integration with Wunderlist allows Wunderlist to meet users where they work. For instance, need to translate an email to a task? API integration with an email service accomplishes that need. Does a sales rep need to follow up with a customer in a customer relationship management (CRM) database? Wunderlist API integration allows the associated task to occur directly within the CRM application. As task management and to-do list apps constantly look to provide value above and beyond their competitors, Wunderlist may have hit on the single most important feature: API integration.

Reber also announced a number of new features that will complement its public API launch. Folders functionality allows users to keep home, work, and other to-do lists segmented and organized. A single-touch Quick Add button instantly creates a new task. Some of the most requested integrations like Gmail, Slack, and HipChat integration are all slated for a 2015 release.

Finally, Wunderlist will formally approach the enterprise community with the launch of Wunderlist for Work in 2015. Wunderlist for Work will deliver oft-requested business features including activity logs, business-owned lists, dashboard views, rights management, and custom webhooks. An app’s adoption by the workplace is key to taking an app to the next level. With the potential for API integration and a specific focus on the enterprise, Wunderlist should continue its consistent top ten to-do list ranking, and might even improve its position further. 

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