At WWDC Apple Unifies iOS, Mac, Watch OS Dev Programs

Apple revampes their Developer Program to consolidating the Mac, iOS, and Watch OS programs into one bundle.

Apple has revamped their Developer Program as part of their annual Word Wide Developers Conference earlier today, announcing they will be unifying the Mac and iOS Developer Programs into one bundle for a reduced price of $99.

Previously developers had to purchase each of the programs separately for $99 each, but under the new bundling program, developers can get Mac, iOS and WatchOS developer access for the one consolidated price, which is a great coup for developers.

For already-registered developers for either platforms, they should already begin to see their membership transition to full platform access after accepting the new program terms as outlined in the Learn About Your Updated Membership page.

Apple will also integrate automatic membership renewal in the near future. To see what’s included in the new bundle model, visit the Program Membership Details and How It Works pages.

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