Wynn Netherland: Ruby Mashup Dev's Best Friend

Ruby developer Wynn Netherland has put together an impressive list of Ruby wrappers for some of the most frequently used APIs on the web. Netherland's site requires four screens of scrolling to see all 19 of the libraries he has contributed.

Chargify, Formstack, Gowalla, Groupon, LinkedIn, and Twitter are amongst the lengthy list of wrappers as well as wrappers for lesser known services like Buzzsprout and Baconfile. Netherland has even gone through the impressively daunting task of documenting each wrapper with Sample Code and everything.

If you're a Ruby developer, definitely bookmark Wynn Netherland's Projects page and GitHub projects to make your life easier when developing your mashups.

We've previously covered one of Netherland's projects, Twitterland, which combines five Twitter APIs in one.

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