Xbox Clubs API Expected to Enhance Social Features of Xbox Live

Windows Central has reported that official Xbox developer Documentation was leaked that indicates an upcoming release of an Xbox Clubs API. The API is anticipated to give developers access to Xbox Live's Club system. API access to the Club system could enable developers to create and manage guilds, clans, and other structures and then sync such structures with Xbox Live. The documentation was part of a larger improvement plan for both Xbox and the Universal Windows Platform (UWP).

Microsoft introduced Xbox Clubs late last year. The feature allows users to create social groups on Xbox Live. Through both the Xbox One, and various Xbox apps, users can use Clubs to create and manage Clubs of various types (e.g. chat rooms, membership groups, screen sharing, social feeds, and more). Developer access to the Club features could take Xbox Live beyond a simple gaming system to a social media hub.

The leaked document gave some specifics around the UWP updates that include API access to features like stat tracking, leaderboard systems, dev optimization, and others for many gaming environments across the Microsoft environment. However, the Clubs API was simply identified as a brand new feature. The document indicates that the target launch for the Clubs API is April of this year. However, given the leak, that date might be pushed up.

News of the Clubs API has been welcome by the developer community as certain Microsoft games have lacked clan support from within the game (e.g. Destiny, Elite Dangerous, etc.). Right now, most of the buzz around the Clubs API potential is speculative. But, with the potential of features like branding, in-app ads, group searches, and more; the developer community is eager to find out more details on the launch. Stay tuned.

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