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  • Xbox Radar: Todd Levy gives us good way to see what's news on the Xbox via a big mashup of Amazon, Backpack,, FeedBurner, Technorati, and Google AdWords.
  • TicTap: An Amazon AWS site with SMS feature, library lookups, bios, images, clips, sales rank tracking, reviews and more. Allows price comparison by SMS too.

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Hello all.

Just wanted to post here in case anyone visiting my site was wondering where the Backpack and Feedburner components are hiding.

> Backpack

Backpack is being used a tad unconventionally -- as a web-based CMS for polls and linkrolls.

You can see an example of each here...

I'm constantly amazed with 37Signals business saavy and product quality. The way they've opened up Backpack and allow it to be used in new ways is really a testament to both.

> Feedburner

I'm using Feedburner to preprocess some of the RSS feeds I'm using so that I can track clickthroughs using their stats tool.

You can see these links in the status bar if you mouseover the Technorati,, or Google News links.

Drop me a line (<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>) with any questions or comments.