XCM Expands Tax and Accounting API Portfolio

XCM, a cloud-based solution provider for tax and accounting professionals, has announced the launch of a new API that retrieves audit data from XCMworkflow. XCMworkflow is XCM's accounting and tax productivity product. The new API adds to XCM's portfolio of more than 50 APIs that XCM users can use to integrate with XCMworkflow and XCMscheduler products.

“The open architecture of XCMapi gives the customer complete control over how their workflow data is used,” Sanjath Sulkunte, XCM Vice President of Development and Engineering, commented in a press release. “It is immensely gratifying to see the API Stack grow as a result of our experienced development teams’ ability to incorporate customer feedback and improve their User Experience.”

Specifically, the new API allows users to retrieve engagement tasking information from XCMworkflow. Such information includes key dates and acceptance details. These are common data points captured during the lifecycle of an audit and they are used to create reports.

The new API is part of XCM's "overall connectivity strategy." Through APIs, XCM is able to talk to third party solutions that customers use in their day to day operations. By easily moving data, XCM customers receive more value regardless of where that data is analyzed. For more information, visit the XCMworkflow site.

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