Xero Launches Payroll API

Xero, cloud accounting software provider, has expanded its Payroll product to integrate with other applications via the Payroll API. The Payroll API allows developers to build add-on apps to work alongside Xero products, or integrate Xero functionality into existing apps and workflows. Xero's target audience remains in the SMB space who typically cannot afford massive onsite, dedicated ERP and accounting software packages. Xero's Managing Direct, Chris Ridd, commented:

“The launch of Xero Payroll API demonstrates the value that Xero places on providing developers and users with a Platform that opens itself up to benefits of revenue generation, traffic growth and innovation.... Xero is rapidly delivering new products that benefit small businesses and Add-on partners.”

Xero was founded in 2006, but has already grabbed a top 20 spot on the New Zealand Stock Exchange. Its SMB, cloud-based accounting software has caught fire and streamlined business processes for many clients. Over 140,000 employees have been paid with Xero's Payroll product, and the new API should only increase that number. 20 Xero partners have tested and integrated the Payroll API.

The Payroll API uses REST protocol and returns calls in an XML data format by default ( JSON responses are available). Users can both create and retrieve resources via the API. Common methods include creation and retrieval of invoices, bank transactions, expense claims, payments, and many more. Those interested must register an application before using the API.

Cloud accounting software has revolutionized SMB's capabilities to handle books internally. Xero has taken cloud software a step further in releasing a series of APIs that allow simple and tight Integration. The Payroll API represents the latest API in Xero's suite, and should expand its expand its Payroll user base substantially.

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