Yactraq API Sees Huge Growth in 2013

Here is an interview with Jeh Daruwala, CEO of Yactraq.com. Their work brings Machine Learning to the world of online videos, enabling targeting of ads based on behavior. We have interviewed them here before and they have gone on to win both startup competitions as well as gain huge organic growth.

ProgrammableWeb (PW)  Describe 2013 -- what were the milestones for your API startup?

Jeh Daruwala(JD)- 2013 has been a milestone year for Yactraq.  Winning TiE50, being a WBT Finalist two years running & an SVForum Finalist, among other things, makes it an excellent year for us in terms of recognition.  Additionally in the spring our API was transformed from a functional prototype into a fully engineered solution designed to scale to high volumes. We achieved this by predictively modeling the incoming video queue and spawning new VM's on the Amazon spot market, just-in-time.  It was also a year of 100% plus quarterly revenue growth and millions of minutes of audio-visual content indexed.

PW- What are some of the API best practices you would like to share with the world?

JD- One of the key issues we deal with is making our API very simple to use. Today we are at the point where all a customer needs to do is incorporate a single line of Yactraq JavaScript code into their front end and our API takes care of the rest.  Plus we have built ad targeting and video search & recommendation applications on top of our component level metadata API, which means all our customers need to do is build their own UI on top of our Framework. Of course we also provide the flexibility that allows our customers to build their own proprietary functionality on top of our API as well.  Another thing that has worked for us is deploying on the Amazon AWS Platform, which vastly simplifies the problem of Scaling.

PW- Describe one customer case study where your API helped make a huge difference.

JD- One key customer where Yactraq's software has made a difference is a video content exchange that enables publishers to automate the generation and management of content.  Yactraq software is used to deliver semantic signatures for short video clips.

PW- What is your vision for Yactraq for 2014? Could you share some of your thoughts on how you see your industry evolving?

JD- From a product perspective one of the key things we want to do in Q1 of 2014 is integrate Yactraq with Hadoop so our customers can deliver Big Data and enterprise solutions for video content.  On the R&D front we plan to incorporate neural network based technology into our products.

As far as the industry goes, here are some interesting forecasts and numbers - Per Cisco: online video users are expected to reach 1.5 billion & video traffic will be 55 percent of all consumer Internet traffic by 2016. Internet video now accounts for 50 percent of all mobile traffic and up to 69 percent of traffic on certain networks. Facebook and Twitter are investing heavily into video functionality and 76 percent of marketers plan to add video to their sites, making it a higher priority than Facebook, Twitter and blog Integration. 92 percent of mobile video viewers share videos with others; more than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month, spending more than 4 billion hours watching videos; 2 billion video views per week are monetized on YouTube, and every auto-shared tweet results in six new YouTube browsing sessions. As you can see, the internet is already about video, which in the future will become the dominant experience.