Yahoo Application Platform Apps Go Live

It's been a while since we discussed YAP, Yahoo's new open application platform that allows developers to build applications that integrate with Yahoo's various web properties, including Yahoo Mail and My Yahoo. Late last week Yahoo announced the release of several third party applications built on YAP that provide users with a variety of tools and services.

Fourteen new applications for the My Yahoo personalized home page are now available, with several other applications available for Yahoo! Mail. New applications range from gas price updates from, to Wordpress Quickpress, to PayPal payments and Picnik image editing (the latter two apps both on Yahoo Mail).

According to the post on the Yahoo Developer Network Blog:

Applications consist of a small view, which users can add directly to their My Yahoo! pages. From the small view, a user can click to see a canvas view, which presents a larger, complete view of the application.

The canvas view supports the 0.8 version of the OpenSocial JavaScript APIs and uses Caja for JavaScript sanitization. Developers wrote application backends in a variety of languages. PHP and Java were the most popular choices. The canvas view also supports Flash; some of the applications make use of Flash in the canvas.

In contrast, the small view uses CSS, HTML, and YML (Yahoo! Markup Language) to define the content. YML extends HTML and allows developers to include dynamic content in the view. Yahoo! is working closely with the OpenSocial community to converge YML in with the OpenSocial Markup Language (OSML) efforts.

Yahoo! Open Apps

The release of these new applications sheds some light on how developers can leverage YAP to expand the availability of third party services to Yahoo's massive user base. Yahoo has included the new applications in an "open apps" gallery that can be readily accessed on My Yahoo. Interested developers also should check out our YQL (Yahoo Query Language) profile to learn more about the open platform and capabilities for querying various types of data used in Yahoo's web services.

Yahoo's corporate blog, Yodel Anecdotal, has additional coverage on the new apps as well.


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