Yahoo Boosts Its Open Strategy Reading with Y!OS Docs

Yahoo has been steadily expanding on its Yahoo Open Strategy (Y!OS), a set of complementary platforms that allow developers to rapidly access Yahoo network data and develop applications. At the core of Y!OS are two platforms: the Yahoo Application Platform (YAP) and the Yahoo Social Platform (YSL), which can be accessed via the Yahoo Query Language (YQL). As regular readers will note, we have covered Y!OS in previous posts here on ProgrammableWeb.

Now Yahoo has released various types of Documentation to boost information available for developers who are working with Y!OS platforms. According to the Yahoo Developer Network Blog:

We've just released a new batch of documentation starting with a Y!OS docs landing page, to make it easier to find the information you need. We've split the page into 2 easy sections. The first section includes the stuff to quickly get started: overviews of the terminology, tutorials, examples, and other quick-start guides. Don't worry though, the second section contains an index of all technology references you'll want to use day to day.

Included in the documentation are several tutorials, code examples, and a brand new FAQ section. The tutorials are broken out into specific chapters that include the time required to complete each tutorial/chapter. There are currently five code examples available, including a friend selector and a linking to a Yahoo! profile example.

There is also a set of "getting started" documents based on the tutorials that include:

Documentation is often one of the most overlooked elements for APIs and developer platforms, and its good to see Yahoo expanding its overall knowledge base with regard to its Y!OS platforms. You can find out more about all of Yahoo's APIs in our API directory, and be sure to check out our ever expanding list of mashups that leverage Yahoo's APIs.

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