Yahoo BOSS V2: Details on the Post-Microsoft Paid Search API

Yahoo has revealed more details on its Yahoo Search BOSS, which is undergoing a major transition due to the Yahoo and Microsoft Search alliance. It had previously announced the move to a paid version of BOSS, which stands for Build your Own Search Service. Some details have now emerged for timelines and a pricing structure.

According to the the Yahoo Search Developer Blog, Yahoo BOSS V2 Platform will cost between $0.40 - $0.75 CPM (Cost per 1000 queries) and debut sometime in early 2011. Monetization options will be available to the developers via the Microsoft-Yahoo Search alliance. We can break up the changes at two levels, to understand what it means for developers.

  • Technical : BOSS will continue to be a RESTful API for web, image and news search. The web and image results will eventually be powered by Microsoft, but we'll have to wait until next year for those details. The second point to note here is that the Boss V2 will need to be accessed via the Yahoo! Developer Network standard OAuth-based Authentication
  • Monetization: Developers will be able to monetize their offering via the Ad Marketplace of the Yahoo and Microsoft alliance. It will also allow developers to integrate a self-service payment model, where they can charge for the service via credit card, and view payment/billing information via an all new integrated Dashboard.

If you are using BOSS V1 currently, you will have 60 days from the release of BOSS V2 to move to the new version. Additionally, as part your migration plan to V2, note that certain features like structured data, key terms, delicious data and Site Explorer Service might not be available.

This announcement is next in the series of steps towards consolidating the Yahoo-Microsoft Search alliance. While the announcement provides some idea of pricing and timeline, there still aren't concrete details. Among the existing question marks are how much the API interface will change. If you have used Yahoo BOSS V1, what what are your thoughts on sticking around for V2?

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