Yahoo Kills Delicious, Triggers Massive Backlash

In a heartbreak for the nostalgic, Delicious, the biggest collection of bookmarks in the universe, is facing the axe. With it will follow its Delcious API, one of more popular APIs early in ProgrammableWeb's history. The Internet was abuzz after a webcast leak from Yahoo, indicated that Delicious, MyBlogLog and other Yahoo Services were bracketed into the "Sunset Zone." Update: According to TechCrunch, Yahoo will try to sell Delicious instead of shut it down.

The slide that triggered a wave of reactions from its loyal readers also gives us enough indication of where other Yahoo Services are going. We have covered a series of articles in the past about major shakeups in Yahoo Services like Search Monkey and MyBlogLog APIs being discontinued and changes to Yahoo Search via its partnership with Microsoft, which included its BOSS API becoming a paid service.

The Delicious service has been not just a collection of bookmarks, but individuals and organizations have come with several intuitive ways to store and mine these bookmarks, including associated links, keywords and users. Marshall Kirkpatrick at ReadWriteWeb has written a classic on what Delicious meant to him and the novel ways they used it.

There are numerous reports of people on Twitter taking backups of the bookmarks that they have curated for years. It probably presents a huge opportunity to other bookmarking services with (whose Pinboard API Documentation simply links to Delicious) being considered as a possible alternative. I am not sure if die-hard Delicious users would agree.

If your application revolved around the Delicious API, it is definitely not a good position to be in. Yahoo has been regular in communicating about the changes and consolidation that is happening around its Platform, but the Delicious termination seems to be one that has shocked a lot of folks. If you are a Delicious API user, what is your plan moving forward? Would events like this affect public API credibility, especially if major players like Yahoo start pulling the plug? Let us know your views.