Yahoo! Maps Mashups

Although last week's NY Times story on mashups shows that Google Maps is still the map mindshare darling, it doesn't mean folks aren't doing interesting things other mapping platforms such as and Yahoo!'s and Microsoft's. Courtesy of the Yahoo! Maps API developers site, here's a sampling of what's folks are building on that platform:

  • Mashup of Yahoo Maps and Yahoo Weather to deliver the forecast. Or, choose the Google Maps option. A third option is mapufacture, a worldKit application. What's that? Apparently it's a mapping package in Flash that utilizes publicly available WMS imagery.
  • Bicycle Routes Mashup for Columbia, SC: From Yahoo: "Bike maps require back roads and out-of-the-way rest stops. Often the roads don't have names, just state route numbers. And often, there is no address for a rest stop - they can be just wide spots beside the road. Elena did a Mashup that works around all those issues."
  • Soccer Fields in Phoenix, AZ.
  • Bay Area Caltrain Map: Click on station location to get details including full schedules.
  • Table Tennis Tournaments in the Pacific US: From Yahoo Maps: Sudhish Iyer finds keeping up with regional table tennis matches to be much easier when he can visualize where his next tournament will be. Here is a mashup plotting the USATT-sanctioned table tennis tournaments in Pacific Region.
  • California State Park Finder: Want to find a California State Park? Select from a list of major areas including Los Angeles, San Diego and San Franciso to get a fully annotated Yahoo Map.
  • GeoURL Yahoo! Mapping: Interesting application, or hack as author Premshree Pillai says, that shows you sites close to a given URL. Go to for more examples.
  • Bay Area Home Sales: From Yahoo Maps: Jamie Glenn plotted home sales data for 200+ zip codes in the Bay Area from May 2004 to May 2005. Blue means going up month over month, orange means going down. Click on them to see the year over year details.
  • Chicago Area Bloggers: Greg Gershman's mashup plotting Chicago-area bloggers.

More Yahoo! Maps examples coming later this week.


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